IONOTERRA predicts Earthquakes by a novel method using adaptive technology providing 8 HOURS EARLY WARNING of upcoming seismic events.


IONOTERRA predicts Earthquakes by a novel method using adaptive technology providing 8 HOURS EARLY WARNING of upcoming seismic events.

What Is


IONOTERRA is a Scientifically & Realistically proven system, enabling mankind for the first time to Predict & Warn population of an upcoming Earthquake, at least 8 Hours before the Catastrophic Event, with over 90% precision. (for magnitude exceeding 4.5 Richter scale).

IONOTERRA is an Israeli based R&D company consisting among others of experts in Geophysics, Ionosphere, and Radar Systems for various natural phenomena prediction occurring in the near-the-Earth cosmic space.



“The results show that Ionoterra Company’s technology and system are very effective in monitoring and predicting earthquake events, and we have determined that they have ability to publish prediction information (warnings) hours before the earthquake. Therefore, it can be said that it is meaningful to implement the Ionoterra company’s system in areas where seismic activity is active all over the world for seismic disaster mitigation.”

Dr. Katsumi Hattori, Professor, Graduate School of Science Chiba University, Japan, Director, Center for Environmental Remote Sensing, Chiba Unversity, Japan

Tokyo, April 24 2021

“Based on our review, we have concluded that in-field, real-time tests have demonstrated that Ionoterra’s technology and system are highly effective in monitoring and predicting several hours in advance seismic events of different magnitudes.”

Prof. Sergey Pulinets, Principal Research Scientist, Space Research Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences

Moscow, February 2021

Ionoterra is proud to announce that today April 19th 2020, it concluded STAGE 1 of its development plan towards establishing the world’s first ever computerized decision supporting system for Earthquake Prediction.

The system, in its final configuration, will enable Ionoterra to monitor, survey and predict Earthquakes 8 hours in advance in 6 different Countries/Regions simultaneously, by providing for each upcoming seismic event the 3W Parameters: When, Where & What magnitude.

Due to the Corona situation the work plan was changed so the overall schedule is respected as much as possible. Within this change we started working in parallel on segments originally planned for a later phase, and delayed other segments that cannot be performed at present.

Within accomplishment of stage 1 the team had 2 major achievements in Algorithmics and designated Artificial Intelligence capabilities.

Due to Corona Virus situation, IONOTERRA reduced its R&D Lab working capacity in order to prevent epidemiologic risk.

Team is now working in Capsules Format dividing the stuff to the minimal requirements, hoping not to delay the Romania POW too long.

Mission statement for now is: CORONA FREE R&D

Uri Levine made a parallel between WAZE and IONOTERRA, the first company capable to offer earthquake predictions up to 12 hours before seismic event occurring. Being present to the first edition of IONOTERRA SCIENCE CONFERENCE held in Bucharest in partnership with main stream academic institution, POLITEHNICA UNIVERSITY BUCHAREST, WAZE’s co-founder said “If we are at 90% accuracy today at IONOTERRA, this is huge, this is good enough, it’s way much better than anything we have!”.

“Over time what it turns out that the most significant value of WAZE is the prediction. Just imagine that you can predict earthquakes!”

During September 2019, IONOTERRA successfully accomplished a public forecast session targeting Western Turkey and Eastern Greece, which returned over 90% accuracy. 68 out of 75 forecasts representing 90.66% have been confirmed by the EMSC/CSEM, having 4 miss events and 7 false alarms. 47 out of 68 confirmed forecasts, representing 69.11%, have been 100% confirmed by the EMSC/CSEM, in terms of predicted Location, Time Frame and Magnitude. 21 forecasts out of 68, representing 30.89%, were within the margin error. During the P.O.C. period the average Magnitude of the seismic events was 2.58 RS.

IONOTERRA forecasting system has a significantly higher level of accuracy as the RS magnitude is higher, being above 4.5 RS. Co-Founder WAZE, Uri Levine added: “For a second I want you to think about top 10 companies of the world! There is Google, Microsoft, Amazon… and so forth. Ask yourself what’s going to happened with them in a decade. Half of them are not going to be in the top!

The problem is that we don’t know which one is not going to be there. If we knew we would sell short on those and this would be a nice business model. But the more important is which companies are going to take their place in top 10! And one of them maybe is just launching today!”, referring to IONOTERRA company.

IONOTERRA earthquake prediction system is endorsed, among many leading scientists, by top earthquake scientist Prof. Dr. Sergey Pulinets – Principal Research Scientist in the Space Research Institute of Russian Academy. “Up to now the majority of seismologists said that short term earthquake prediction is impossible. We are scientists who are saying – YES IT IS POSSIBLE!”, stated Professor Pulinets referring to Ionoterra science team. “IONOTERRA is like the gold bullet who find the way to detect all three parameters with necessary precision: When, Where and What magnitude.” continued Pulinets.

IONOTERRA is an Israeli based company, established in 2018, after 30 years of research conducted by Prof. Dr. Nathan Blaunshtein. It has been over 30 years since I dedicated myself to this field of research in earthquake prediction, identifying trends and processes occurring in the ionosphere. These 30 years are the foundation of what today brought us all here – IONOTERRA.

The accuracy of the results obtained over time has given us courage and motivated us to adopt new methodologies and advanced technologies that have brought us to this performance. Prof. Dr. Nathan Blaunshtein – Chief Scientist IONOTERRA.

Mid 2020, IONOTERRA will run an experimental forecast session in California, USA, using a full deployment solution as part of its Proof of Work. The alerts will be provided to the relevant US authorities, some of them being targeted to partnership the company in running such experimental session. The same experimental Proof of Work will be performed as well in Romania, in partnership with Bucharest Politehnica University and Romanian authorities, a project led by Prof. Mihnea Costoiu, Rector and former Minister of Education.

“We need to create a response plan and an educational one, in order to be able to implement and react accordingly to forecasts issued by IONOTERRA.” Mr. Doron Angelovitch, CEO IONOTERRA is explaining that “an earthquake is not a spontaneous event. It is an event which occurs during or at the end of an entire process, which IONOTERRA is able to monitor and understand in order to issue over 91% accurate forecasts”.

Regarding the prediction output itself, Angelovitch added “we have minimized our Prediction into 3 parameters – where, When & What Magnitude in order to give a very clear cut and crystal clear picture to the Decision Maker so they can understand immediately what they should do”.

IONOTERRA LTD is pleased to announce today that SUMMUS SOLUTIONS NV has acquired another 9% strategic interest in the Israel based IONOTERRA LIMITED P.C..

SUMMUS acquired the additional stake from an institutional investor in IONOTERRA. increasing to 10% its strategic minority investment into potential future unicorn company IONOTERRA LIMITED P.C.

Between 5th of September 2019 and 25th of September 2019, during its public measurement sessions, IONOTERRA Proof of Concept results are:

  • 86 out of 93 seismic events were fully predicted in all 3 parameters: Time, Place & Magnitude, representing 92.47% accuracy
  • Highest Magnitude event during the POC:         2 RS
  • Lowest Magnitude event during the POC:          2 RS
  • Average Magnitude of all POC events:               73 RS
  • Longest forecast time before an event:              13:01 (HH:MM)
  • Shortest forecast time before an event:             01:53 (HH:MM)
  • Average forecast time before all events:            04:49 (HH:MM)

We are extremely proud and honored to officially announce that WE PREDICT EARTHQUAKES!!!

Today, September 25th, at 14:00 UTC, IONOTERRA team finalized a successful P.O.C. The P.O.C. was performed according to our working plan and standards and the results are looking outstanding.

The Official Statistical report will be published within the next 7 days.

IONOTERRA public forecast session is resuming today at 10:00 UTC after a short weekly maintenance break in both laboratories.

We remind you that the daily schedule for forecast issuing is 11:00 UTC – 21:00 UTC, which is covering 14:00 UTC – 24:00 UTC events time range.

Therefore, the events occurring between 24:00 UTC and 14:00 UTC are not covered by our research.

Today, September 21nd 2019, IONOTERRA system temporary stopped predictions for Maintenance works in both sites.

The system will resume predictions on Monday – September 23rd 10:00 UTC and will be operational again.

Today, September 16th 2019, IONOTERRA system finished its Maintenance works in both sites. The system resumes predictions today and is fully operational.

Today, September 13th 2019, IONOTERRA system temporary stopped predictions for Maintenance works in both sites. The system will resume predictions on Monday – September 16th 10:00 UTC and will be operational again.


Uri   Levine and IONO team



Between September 5th, 2019 – September 25th, 2019 Ionoterra was running a final P.O.C. experiment from its Balti (Moldova) University Observatory Lab, monitoring Western Turkey and Greece as per the below map.

You may find all the Seismic reports issued by IONOTERRA during its POC here.


Our technology is based on prediction of main parameters – precursors of EQ, resulting with the 3 most crucial indicators in EQ prediction:

Breakthrough Moments / IONOTERRA Observatory Lab

WHERE will the EQ take place?
WHEN will the EQ take place?
WHAT magnitude will the EQ have?

All seismic activity on earth is reflected in Ionosphere before during and after an Earthquake.

IONOTERRA deployed system is constantly scanning a specific Ionosphere region sizing thousands of square kilometers above a seismically active zone using radars.

IONOTERRA developed an IP Algorithm analyzing all data coming from the radars & Ionosondes sensors.

The IP Algorithm produces a Geo Seismic Real Time Risk Map for any monitored region, resulting with a clear cut alert in case of an upcoming Earthquake 8 hours in advance.

R&D is finalized after a long term research of more than 28 years in the fields of Ionosphere, Radio propagation and over-horizon radar systems, resulting with many international academic publications such as:

  • Blaunstein, N., Method of Earthquake Prediction, US Patent 6,246,964 B1, Jan. 12, 2001.
  • Blaunstein N., and M. Hayakawa, ” Short-term ionospheric precursors of earthquakes using vertical and oblique ionosondes”, Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, vol. 34, No. 6-7, pp. 496-507, 2009.
  • Blaunstein, N., Hayakawa, M. “Short-term ionospheric precursors of earthquakes using vertical and oblique ionosondes”, in Electromagnetic Phenomena Associated with Earthquakes and Volcanoes, M. Hayakawa, J. Y. Liu, K. Hattori, L. Telesca (Eds.), pp. 406-421, 2009.
  • Blaunstein, N., and E. Plohotniuc, Ionosphere and Applied Aspects of Radio Communication and Radar, Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2008, 577 p.
  • Blaunstein, N., S. Pulinets, and Y. Cohen, “Computation of the main parameters of radio signals in the land-satellite channels during propagation through the perturbed ionosphere”, Geomagn. and Aeronomy, Vol. 53, No. 2, 2013, pp. 1-13.

At present IONOTERRA holds an Advanced Technology of ionospheric tomography combined with a novel ionosonde that can obtain a useful signal “embedded” into the clutter (e.g., noisy ionospheric plasma environment).


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Doron Angelovitch

Founder & CEO
25 years entrepreneurial experience in the Medical field , establishing & managing chains of medical centers in Israel and Eastern Europe from Business Plan to M&A.

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Professor Nathan Blaunstein

Chief Scientist
Professor Nathan Blaunstein, PhD, DSc Professor-emeritus in Ben-Gurion University – Israel. Prof. Blaunstein is a world known expert in fields of radio physics, optics and radar, author of 12 books and over 210 articles in scientific journals. Since 1997, Dr. Blaunstein is a member of New York Academy of Science as well as other numerous scientific associations.

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Avi Angelovitch

C.O.O. & Operational Design
Avi is an expert in RF communication and Radar technologies with over 25 years experience in project planning and management, operational design from scratch to product, as well as operational design of alert Management systems.

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Alex Blaunshtein

Former CEO of “DP. Electronic Systems Ltd.” A company operating in communication and security fields in Israel, Russia and Moldova.
“USU – CONSULTANTS” – scientific expertise in project management. IDF Academic officer in HR division, wages and benefits planning.

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Dr. Vladimir V. Shumaev

Ph.D.thesis “Ionosonde with linear modulation of the signal frequency and its use for research ionosphere perturbed by powerful radio emission “at Nizhny Novgorod State University in 1987

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Dr. Chernov Alexander G

Ph.D.thesis “Programmable synthesizer for continuous chirp signal with specified noise level for the diagnosis of HF radio links “at Kazan State Technical University of A.N. Tupolev in 2000

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Dr. Conf. Plohotniuc Eugeniu

Scientist – Head of team MLD
Associate Professor. Mathematics and Informatics Department (Balti Alecu Russo State University) Expert of the Supreme Council in Science and Technological Development by the Government of the Republic of Moldova.

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Botnariuc Serghei

Engineer. Laboratory of Informatics. Mathematics and Informatics Department (Balti Alecu Russo State University) Engineer Software Coordanator. Laboratory of Informatics.

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Tiganas Ion

University Lecturer Alecu Russo Balti State University Department of Physics and Engineering Sciences Business or sector Education


For Investors relations please contact

C.E.O. Doron Angelovitch

IONOTERRA welcomes collaborations with scientific, strategic and financial partners

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